Welcome to Marikina.

Over the past several years, Marikina City has effectively leveraged four key assets: Infrastructure, Innovation, Human Capital, and Quality of place. Underlying that achievement is a form of governance that encourages growth, embraces reform, and celebrates creativity. Spurred by its success, Marikina continues to set competitive goals and align policies in support of those aspirations. A major one involves reinforcing its vitality as a livable city with a business-friendly environment, skilled and disciplined workforce, clean and green spaces, and superb public projects, attracting investors as well as tourists. Such a goal advocates an inclusive and considered approach to development – looking to pressure the City’s environment and build upon its many strengths.

Marikina will continue to explore opportunities that reflect not just the scale of change but also the character and spirit of Marikina citizens. These include the establishment of residential and commercial buildings and upkeep of infrastructure projects that meet the highest possible standards of quality and convenience.

There will be more green areas interspersing with gray areas so people can fully enjoy a pleasant environment-friendly city. The regular upgrade of roads and traffic signals will ensure that locals and visitors alike enjoy ease and convenience as the travel within Marikina. The construction of a multi-level parking near the town center will be considered to give motorists utmost comfort.

Source: https://palarongpambansa2023.marikina.gov.ph

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